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C1, Edison. fapers


PARTI (1850-1878) » Thomas E. Jeffrey Microfilm Editor and Associate Editor Paul B. Israel Susan Schultz Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editors: Research Associates: Toby Appel Robert Rosenberg Kelth A. Nier W. Bemard Carlson Andre Millard Student Assistants

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Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. In lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels

may be made in order to facilitate


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A Note on the Sources

The pages which were microfilmed for this collection are in generally good condition in the original. There are some pages, however, which due to age are lighter than normal. Additionally, because some volumes are very large and have been bound tightly and cannot be un- bound, there are intermittent occurrences of slight dis- tortion of the edges of a small percentage of the pages. We have made every technical effort to ensure complete legibility of each and every page.

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Laboratory Notebook, Cat. 1176

This notebook contains only a few dated entries, covering the period April 1873-November 1874. It is entirely by Edison and relates to telegraphy. Pages 1-55 contain notes and drawings of Edison's and other inventors! telegraph devices. They may have been intended for use as illustrations to accompany Edison's essays on telegraphy and electricity (see NS-74-002, Unbound Notes and Drawings). There is one dated entry (page 53) for April 17, 1873. Pages 57-63 contain notes and drawings on duplex telegraphy dated September 10-12 and November 2, 1874. Pages 64-66 contain Edison's drawings and notes on what Ezra T. Gilliland remembered, probably in 1875, about H. Nicholson's work on multiple telegraphy during the early 1870s. The book contains 320 numbered


Blank pages not filmed: 67-320.

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Laboratory Scrapbook, Cat. 299

This scrapbook contains only a few dated entries, covering the perlod May-October 1873. Most of the laboratory notes and drawings are by Edison; some are by Charles Batchelor. They concern telegraphy, particularly chemical and printing, and contain many examples of both printed and chemically treated tape. There are also unused printed forms from several telegraph companies, as well as four pieces of 7 correspondence (one by Edison), a brochure from the Electric Railway Signal Co., a circular from the Galvano-Faradic Manufacturing Co., and a clipping on peripolar induction. The cover is marked "Y." The book

contains 306 numbered pages. Blank pages not filmed: 2, 4, 6, 8, 48-49, 55, 76-78, 80-82, 84-306,


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